Chick Henderson

Chick Henderson

British singer Chick Henderson had a warm, rich, emotional, yet manly voice, that could stir the heartstrings and get the body swaying.

Henderson was just 31 when he died in 1944 as the result of torpedo wounds sustained during WW2 but in his short career had managed to garner a significant fanbase in the UK and recorded some highly acclaimed tracks, including his greatest hit Begin the Beguine, recorded with Joe Loss and his band.

Rumour has it Chick was unassuming, witty, charming and entirely lovable. Born Henderson Rowntree in the North of England in 1912, Henerson had enjoyed singing throughout his boyhood and as a young man, he auditioned for and was signed up by bandleader Harry Leader. Chick's first recording appeared in 1985 on the Eclipse label -Zing went the Strings of my Heart and he joined the Joe Loss Band in the same year, after being heard and admired on radio.

Chick went on to make over 250 recordings, many of them great songs, such as That Lovely Weekend, Starlight Serenade and Bewteen a Kiss and a Sigh - and in fact Chick Henderson was the only recording artist in the 1930s to have a hit record (Begin the Beguine) that sold over a million copies.

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