Vintage Laminates

Boomerang pattern
Yellow 'cracked ice'
Quality reproduction laminates in classic vintage patterns can be hard to find but I stumbled upon some some beauties at Bars and Booths and yes, they do ship to Australia, though I'm not sure what the minimum order is. Styles include the very 50s boomerang patterns, cracked ice and edible looking pastels.

Delicious retro pink.
There's a good selection of colours, all echoing those funky kitchens and cafes of the past - in standard, commercial grade quality. Laminate sample packages are available for $15, which will be credited to the first order.

The familiar orangey-pink of vintage laminates
Interesting Fact
Lamination was actually invented by a dentist in 1938. Dr. Morris M. Blum uitilised a plastic resin that was normally used for capping and bonding teeth to laminate  a photograph of his wife! (wiki)