Britt Ekland

Beautiful Britt Ekland

Britt and Peter Sellers
Long Blonde Hair and Eyes of Blue
Swedish-born actress Britt Ekland had the kind of sensual, pouty, kittenish blonde looks that had worked such wonders for French bombshell, Brigitte Bardot and while the Swedish beauty never quite reached the Goddess stature of Bardot, she nonetheless left her mark on the swinging 60s set and beyond, acquiring some famous love-interests along the way.

Ekland's rise to International fame began while she was making a film in Rome in '63. Sitting in a side walk cafe sipping a cappuccino with an American  friend, she was approached by a stranger who, struck by her extraordinary beauty, asked her if she'd like to meet the then head of 20th Century Fox, Daryl F Zanuck. Following the whiff of stardom to the US, Britt was signed to a contract and sent off to drama school to sharpen her acting skills and ready her for the English speaking market.
Some of Ekland's more notable  film credits include The Man with the Golden Gun, The Wicker Man, After the Fox and The Bobo.

Swedish Cool
“I say I don't sleep with married men, but what I mean is that I don't sleep with happily married men.” ~Britt Ekland

Born in Stockholm in 1942, Ekland's sultry Scandinavian accent complimented her cool blonde looks and imbued her with an exotic patina that shone sexily amid the home-grown beauties of the 60s scene in London and the US. Her beauty was of the clear, luminous variety and "Hollywood Friendly" in the blonde-haired, blue-eyed tradition.

Britt was certainly noticeable and among those who noticed was British comedy legend Peter Sellers.  In 1964, Sellers was reputedly smitten with a newspaper photograph of the actress and arranged to meet her in London. Eleven days later Sellers proposed over the phone and the two were wed in 1964. The marriage however, was not ultimately a happy one and three years later a divorce loomed but in the interim the pair had produced a daughter, Victoria Sellers.

Britt has remarked more than once publicly that Sellers had an obsessive, 'difficult' personality and has suggested he was probably an undiagnosed manic depressive. His behaviour could be erratic, especially toward his children - he would ply them with extravagant gifts out of the blue and then, with equal unpredictability, meanly take them away. Famously, Sellers left his children virtually nothing of his vast fortune having inconveniently died just short of finalising his divorce from British actress Lynne Fredericks. Although Fredericks had already received a handsome settlement, via a legal technicality she became the sole beneficiary of Seller's estate.
Britt and Rod Stewart 

Britt and Scottish singer, Rod Stewart. (Nice outfit Rod...)
Several years after her divorce from Sellers and after having produced another child - a son, with record producer Lou Adler, Britt also caught the attention of rock'n'roll stayer  and infamous blonde-fancier, Rod Stewart. The pair were introduced by flamboyant actress Joan Collins in 1975 and set up house together for the next two years. Committing herself to the relationship, Britt put her own career on hold and concentrated on  being the defacto Mrs. Stewart, making a sensual appearance in his video Tonight's the Night. A multi-linguist, fluent in English, German, French and of course, Swedish, Britt's sexy French intonations in the clip and on the record enhanced the songs appeal. In her autobiography, though he had any good points, Ekland described Stewart as a "scrooge", noting he insisted she buy the groceries at the "cheapest store in town".

Love and Stray Cats
When I give myself to a man, I am at his command. Whatever he commands, I will do. I have always been discriminating in the choice of lovers but once in bed I am a slave. I willingly accommodate any demands that are made on me, sparing whips, chains and diversions.~ Britt Ekland

The  role of rock'n'roll chick must have appealed, as post-Rod, Britt hooked up with LA Guns singer, Phil Lewis. They became briefly engaged but it wasn't to be and the relationship dissolved in 1981.  In 1984 however, Britt married  Slim Jim Phantom, drummer for Stray Cats and the union produced a son, the patriotically named Thomas Jefferson.  Slim Jim was a dewy 23 and Ekland, a still ravishing 42.

Stray Cats - Slim Jim at left
Still a Force
True Britt
Ekland is a definite doer and not one to sit back and bask in past glories. She is still very active, out and about, involved in various projects, including a live stage appearance in Grumpy Old Women and reality TV. The actress has produced two books - a 1984 hair, body and make-up guide for aspiring beauties called Sensual Beauty and the 1980 personal expose True Britt, a tome which Ekland later admitted in interviews she regretted writing due to the flak she received for applying her own brand of  bare honesty to the task. [The book revealed her affairs with such diverse figures as Lord Lichfield and Warren Beatty and there was significant candour in her descriptions of her well known relationships.]

Sadly however, although she still has an admirably (and amazingly) youthful figure, Britt does seem to have succumbed to the lure of the dreaded puffy pout, if the relatively recent video below is anything to go by. Of course, having once been in possession of exceptional beauty, it must be a hard thing to let go of. Oh, why do we have to get old?