Grace Kelly: Style Icon... the Bendigo Art Gallery in Victoria will play host to a stylish collection of Grace Kelly clothes and accessories from March 11 to June 12, 2012. The borrowed collection features costumes from many of her well-known films and should prove to be a vintage visual treat whether you're a Kelly fan or not..

Picasso Exhibition...in 2012, the Gallery of NSW will be hosting a rare Picasso exhibition, including 150 pieces, the likes of which will probably never be seen again in this country (Aust). Well worth a visit. Check out the details here...Picasso Masterpieces

PopCult Magazine...oh, dripping with retro cool, this one. Very shmick design and an emphasis on quality articles about popular culture. I only wish their web designer was working for me...

GOMOD modern furniture is a market place for buyers and sellers on the net and the website features a showcase of modern retro design..well worth a look.

MODCULTURE.COM boasts being the biggest mod-related resource on the net..so, if Mod is your thing, this looks like the place to visit...

I love Retro is an online shop selling retro posters, jewellery, furniture, fashion and more. Check out their wares via the image below...

Get Go Retro sells 1950s inspired clothing, swimwear and accessories. The range includes classic rockabilly, bowling gear, 50s wedding attire and a whole lot more, Click the girl on the bike to take a look-see.

Classic Film Guide is a handy reference and review guide to vintage films - it includes classics and those forgotten films we rarely get to hear about through the  mainstream media. Click the image to check out the site.

The Bobby Pin Blog is put together by a hair stylist and makeup artist, explores retro styling 'above the neck'.

Retro Renovation is a resource website for 'mid-century removations'. The site has information about  products, ideas and inspirations, where to get what etc.
Retro Renovation

The Collectors is an Australian TV show which features an eclectic array of enthusiastic collectors and their sometimes weird and wonderful collections. There's plenty to see and do on their website, including trying to guess the weekly "mystery object", to win a Collectors prize pack.

Bill Jourdain says he has been "reading comic books since the age of 6" and judging by his extensive knowledge of comics, I believe him. His website,  Golden Age of Comic Books is  great resource for those with an interest in the subject .

 The Atomic Ranch House is a fantastic homage to the 1950s and the owner's mission statement is to "bring my childhood 1950's, post-war, baby-boomer, mid-century atomic ranch style house back to her former glory". Oh definitely worth a visit for vintage fans.

101 things to do with a suitcase: Well, I don't know about 101 but the  byyourhands  blog has some very nifty ideas to put those old suitcases to good use. Make a pet bed, a chair, a storage box or, as in the picture below, some funky side tables...

Image from byyourhands blogspot

Retro to Go: If you have a healthy disposable income and in interest in retro aesthetics, Retro to Go features a never-ending stream of ultra- hip retro products. The site also includes an 'ebay watch' which can throw up anything from the odd, interesting piece of furniture to clothes, technology and other miscellaneous items.

The Apron Revolution: is a website dedicated to the  vintage lifestyle. The '50s Gal' who runs it not only talks the talk, she walks the walk...having courageously lived for two years as a 50s housewife. Apron Revolution  has recipes, fashion, decorating tips, a diet and health section, as well as The Vintage Daily News - everything the happy homemaker could need.