Island Painting

Oil on canvas Island Painting - where in the world?
Mystery Painting
This lovely old oil painting turned up recently at a Church garage sale in Melbourne, Australia and was bought by an acquaintance for five dollars (after he outbid a $2.50 offer). We're trying to unravel the mystery of the location and if possible, the artist, though he/she is probably unknown. Just on the remote chance that a passing viewer might recognise the scene, I thought I'd put it up here.

One art dealer has suggested the setting is Asia, possibly Indonesia or Brunei, while another is more inclined to think it is the South Seas - Honolulu? Tahiti? In the background a white built-up area looms from above the natural landscape, which is perhaps a town or city.

Although it's hard to say with any certainty, the painting has a 1950s feel, when island scenes were popularly depicted, though it's less garish than many from that era.The frame, which is wooden, looks hand carved. Both agree the painting is well executed, with one proclaiming it "beautiful". Seen in the flesh, the native scene does have a strangely involving effect on the viewer - it draws you in and the cool greens are soothing to the eye

The painting is signed but the signature almost impossible to read - the middle letter appears to be a "B" and the last letter a "y" but the rest is very difficult to decipher. It's a pity I don't have a better photograph but this is all I've been given as yet. If anyone out there can throw any light on this mysterious work please send me a line at