The Coolness of Smeg Fridges

Smeg is an innovative, Italian based company specialsing in high quality home appliances for the trendy, moneyed set. Their vintage designs are reminiscent of the 1950's and 60's yet incorporate top engineering and the latest technology.
Founded in the 1940's, Smeg is a family owned company, under the guidance of Roberto Bertazonni, who had the vision to employ some of the best Italian architects (such as Mario Bellini, Guido Canali and Renzo Piano), to work for the business. Smeg's strength was to see appliances as something more than utilitarian objects - with Smeg function and form work together and one is not overshadowed by the other. One of the more iconic objects in Smeg's range of products is the iconic retro refrigerator..otherwise know as The Smeg.
Hand-finished, limited edition of ithe Smeg  FAB28
Hand-finished, limited edition of ithe Smeg FAB28
Red Smeg
Red Smeg
A Smeg refrigerator is a desirable object, with its rounded, retro lines, cool functionality and stunning finish. The European beauties come in a variety of colours, way beyond the bland white and stainless steel of many other manufacturers. The handle alone, is a design achievement - great looking and easy to use.
Available colours include red, lime green, mint green, pastel blue, orange, pastel green,silver, black, pink, blue, cream and some limited edition colour combos (such as the stripe at right) that may be hard to get.
There's no doubt uber cool Smegs have a fashionable aura and almost have a cult following - it's the vintage charm. They have been featured in various films such as V for Vendetta and East Enders and styistically, are an antidote to the souless modern appliances that permeate contemporary showrooms.


The classic Smeg has a capacity of 9.22 Cu. Ft. (271 Litres) Dimensions are (HxWxD) 57½ x 23⅝ x 27½ inches and features include:
  • Antibacterial interior
  • Interior light
  • Defrost
  • Thermostat: Adjustable
  • 3 adjustable glass shelves
  • 1 bottle storage shelf
  • 1 fixed glass shelf
  • 4 adjustable bins
  • 1 fruit and vegetable container
  • 1 Ice cube tray
  • 1 diary box
  • 2 adjustable covered bins
  • 2 bottle storage bin
  • Rating: Tropical
  • 2 egg bins
Perfect for the City trendoid - matching mini and Smeg fridge
Perfect for the City trendoid - matching mini and Smeg fridge
Inside a Smeg
Inside a Smeg

Vittorio Bertazzoni

Vittorio Bertazzoni, was born in a tiny village in Italy called Guastalla and started out as an enameled appliances manufacturer and made a name for himself through the use of unique designs and quality craftsmanship.
Smeg is an acronym for Smalterie Metallurgiche Emiliane Guastalla, meaning “metal enameling factory of Guastalla - too much of a mouthful for most customers.