Johnny Seven Gun

Johnny Seven -the one-man army gun

Johnny Seven Gun O.M.A

Contemporary Nerf gun
Nerf gun
your squad is ready, for you
to lead them through.
with Johnny Seven O.M.A ...

While this one man arsenal of mass-destruction may seem like an  affront to political correctness, we're still making toys like this (see Nerf gun). War games are always on the agenda it seems.

O.M.A. stands for *one man army* and that's exactly what you got with the Johnny Seven. Never before had one child's toy provided so many impressive options for pretend violence by way of plastic projectiles. Here's what came with the Johnny Seven:
  • a grenade launcher
  • anti-armour gun
  • anti-tank rocket
  • bullet -firing rifle
  • tommy gun
  • anti-bunker gun
  • cap-firing pistol
kaboom! kerchow! clack clack! ratatat-ratatat..bang bang!!

The promo ad for the gun is  a vintage treat- it's the kind of ad that inspired the Buzz Lightyear commercial in Toy Story and looking at the picture above right , I'd guess the manufacturers of the modern nerf gun were impressed too. Times have changed though- unlike the Johnny Seven,  the Nerf gun is bright yellow and orange, no doubt so no-one tries to hold up an American Embassy with it. .

The Johnny Seven was introduced to the market in 1964 by Topper and I'll bet little boys everywhere begged their parents for it. Ah, testosterone.