The Zombies

UK band The Zombies had three major hits in the 1960s - She's not There, Tell Her No and Time of the Season (ironically, after the original band had already broken up through internal conflict and lack of popular interest). The Zombies were a tight,  cool band of the Mod era, led by Colin Blunstone on vocals and Rod Argent on piano/keyboard. Most of the songwriting was done by Argent and bassist, Chris White and the lyrics and music put together gave them a unique...and on some tracks, an almost hypnotic sound. My personal favourite - This Will be our Year..

For my money, they still hold up even after all these years. There's a melodic, soothing and timeless lilt to the music, enhanced by Blunstone's coolly emotional vocals, great harmonies and out-there chords.  The Zombies are never hard to listen to - songs rolls over the olfactory senses like Marsala over ice-cream. I'm not alone there, as their classic 1968 album, Odessey and Oracle is listed by Rolling Stone, as among the top 500 of all time.

60s Psychedelia. Odessey and Oracle album cover.

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