Bob Downe and Barry Morgan

The irrepressibly upbeat Bob Downe
In Praise of the Sickly Seventies
If immovable hair, carbon nitrate teeth and polyester safari suits appeal to you, you might like Antipodean entertainer Bob Downe, who lives, worships and dangerously inhales all things '70s.

Bob has been quipping, singing and what could be loosely called dancing, around clubs, cabarets and TV stations since 1984, an ominous year in more ways than George Orwell could predict.

Everything Bob Downe does, he does with gusto - disturbing gusto, so keep a kidney tray handy if you decide to sit through an entire song. Call me cowardly but somehow Bob and the Gilligan's Island theme together seems just too much 70s to take in in one gulp...

Heartfelt Hammond Organ
If you manage to survive Bob Downe with your stomach contents in tact, brace up for a burst of Barry Morgan's smorgasbord of organ. Looking like something you might find on the cover of a dusty LP at the back of the thrift shop, Barry belts out bossanovas, ballads and ballroom beats with enough saccharine sensitivity to frost an anniversary cake.

Mr. Barry Morgan. From the Barry Morgan website.
Lacking the impeccable grooming of Bob Downe, Barry's sartorial style is more tousled gold-chain sleaze than TV presenter but but like Bob he favours man-made fibres and the safari suit.

More than an organist, Mr Morgan also a super salesman and proprietor of Barry Morgan's World of Organs, nestled cosily in the Sunnyside Mall, in the outer suburbs of Adelaide. With a professed life mission to share the "joy of the organ", Barry's orgasmic passion for the keys is only all too evident in his live performances...