Liberace Fashion

Fun Times with the King of Kitsch
Strangely, I've never thought of Liberace as a fashion consultant or even remotely fashionable for that matter but perhaps there are those out there who do and if you're one of them (please, seek help!), this book purports to "swing open the closet door" on Liberace's extensive wardrobe in order to give us some sartorial guidance on the "fine art of extraordinary dressing for ordinary occasions". Tempted?

Click image for details..if you dare
Liberace of course, made a career out of over-the-top and if nothing else, it'd be interesting to see just how far he went clothes-wise. The book includes several images of the man himself, resplendent in outfits from his personal wardrobe...but that's not the best part. Oh no.

The best part is  12 die-cut cardstock full body colour images that can pressed out as fashion dolls, complete with their own you have one by the computer, on the bedside table, dangling from the windscreen or wherever you desire. Now tell me you can resist that...? I can't.

I wonder what Liberace, who's been dead for the best part of 25 years, would make of being turned into a paper fashion doll? Personally I suspect he'd think it was gorgeous. Oh and for those who may be too young to know who Liberace is (depressing thought), you can catch a glimpse of his unique style in the video below...