Craft Projects

Suzie Million's guide to retro crafts
A Hoarder's Delight
Ever wanted to make a bottle cap man? Or maybe a teacup lady flowerpot or a plastic flower pixie? Well if so, Retro Crafts might be the book for you. The author has compiled over forty kitsch retro craft projects to keep you busy on a rainy day.

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We used to be a much less throwaway society - things tended to be kept and were often creatively recycled for another use.The fabulously named Suzie Millions (is that for real I wonder?) is an artist, author and craft enthusiasist, who has delved into  history and come up with some weird and wonderful projects.

Even if craft isn't your forte, it's fun just reading about what can be created with ordinary objects. Plus the book includes an inside peek at the authors intriguingly cluttered house, as well as a host of fascinating images from vintage pamphlets and markets.