Over the Knee Boots

Boots for shiny red legs. Source
Over the knee boots or thigh highs have been worn by fisherman in the form of rubber waders for generations but as a women's fashion statement, they only began to be worn in the latter half of the 20th century and then only by a confident few.

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Not for the Fainthearted
Although they expose less bare leg than standard knee boots, thigh boots carry a certain risque connotation, perhaps because they're an extreme version of a boot and thus not totally mainstream. That's not to say you have to work in an S&M den to wear them.

Over the years, they've been featured  in various  designer collections but they're really an item that has too be worn with supreme chutzpah to carry off the look, otherwise it's easy to feel and probably look, faintly ridiculous. However, when they work, they can be strikingly effective.

Chanel knee-highs looked pretty good on Anne Hathaway in The Devil Wears Prada

To show off the line of the boot, they're generally worn with a mini-skirt or hotpants and come in a huge variety of styles and materials - from patent leather, suede, fringed and yes, you can even get over the knee ugg boots, which might actually be of real practical value if you live in a cold climate.

Not too kinky. Over the knee twisted cable knit from Ugg Online.

White Boots