Kitsch Kitchen

The Joy of Liberace
Was Liberace into cooking? Michael and Karan Feder's Joy of Liberace purports to contain recipes from 'America's kitschiest kitchen', which sounds enticing, however I'm wondering what a kitsch recipe might entail....

Saveloys in skirts poking through  pineapple rings? Pink marshmallow cake with red marzipan love heart embellishments? Nothing so restrained at that. Looking at the cover picture, it seems like the recipes are far fancier - grand pianos cakes with edible candelabras.

The book promises to be a visual treat full of edible extravaganzas with plenty of colour photos and step-by-step recipes put together by the culinary staff of the Riviera Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas.

It's also an insight into the table tastes and food  penchants of one of America's most out-there entertainers. See, if you really must, 'Liberace's personal entertaining style come to life' but don't blame me if you suffer a sacharine overload.