FLY London Shoes

FLY London funky mega strapped open=toed sandal.
60s come 20s two-toned wedged ankle-strapped shoe 
Style Inspiration
FLY London shoes have a huge range, some of which have a distinctly vintage feel, reminiscent not just of the 60s but of the 1920s and 30s, which were an influence on the mod generation - they're retro but with a distinctly modern stamp.

A UK company, FLY London describes itself as "the brand of universal youth fashion culture" - "progressive and never conventional". Okay, well it's a spiel but these shoes are a bit different (and no, they didn't pay me to say that). I liked them so much I set up an Amazon shop, which also includes a men's range.

The "Ben". Mens desert boot
Established in the mid-90s, the company brief was 'individualism', with the first collection created by designer, Terry Knight.  Refreshingly, these shoes are made in their own factory in Kyala, Portugal and not outsourced to a sweat shop in China. The price is reasonably accessible (for leather), the style funky and the quality good, with an emphasis on comfort and fit...what more could you want in a shoe?

Flapper influenced?