The Chunky Charm Bracelet

James Stewart and Grace Kelly in Rear Window
During the making of Alfred Hitchcock's 1954 thriller, Rear Window, legendary costume designer Edith Head looked around for a piece of jewellery to compliment Grace Kelly's stylish spearmint green suit. At the last minute, she chose a pearl chunky charm bracelet with large, ornate lockets - it was a simple touch, yet the bracelet proved to be an integral and memorable part of the film, accentuating, as it did, Kelly's elegant presence and her alluring, feminine movements.

In the same film, the character Miss Lonely Hearts, a despondent spinster in the apartment across the way, also wears a chunky charm bracelet, though not quite as divine a one as Ms. Kelly's and this time  matched with an emerald green dress.

Rear Window's Miss Lonelyhearts, played by Judith Evelyn

Wrist Glamour
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Striking accessories were a big part of 1950s fashion - oversize-bracelets, big earrings, belts, scarves and necklaces were all very popular. Although women in the Victorian era had worn chain charm bracelets with love hearts dangling from them, ans charms were popular with the women of WW2, the big chunky charm bracelet is a very 50s look and now a classic in its own right. Thick bracelets can be very flattering to the wrist and when there's shimmering charms hanging from them, they add a touch of luxurious glamour  to an outfit.

Chunky Necklaces