Retro Consoles

Vintage 1976 APF TV Pong Video console. Image from ioffer
There is, it seems,  a fair degree of nostalgia out there for retro computer consoles and games - spawned perhaps by a desire to relive those fondly remembered early days of gaming or maybe just because technology dates so quickly its interesting to look back and ponder with amazement on those early games that were once so state of the art. Of course old consoles are also very collectible, being the technological antiques of the future.

Retro Gaming Resources
"When it comes to retro gaming, no-one has you covered like Gametraders"...or so their website boasts. It does look pretty good. Gametraders is an Australian computer gaming trading site, dealing in the modern sutff as well as the old -  Atari, Sega Megadrive, NES and SEN etc.

Nintendo Entertainment System. Image from Retro Gaming Console

Retro Gaming Consoles is another retro gaming specialist, 'deicated' to retro gaming systems and classic and games and its fascinating to take a browse through the website to check out the old consoles.  It's also interesting to read up on the history.

For example, according to the site,  the Nintendo Entertainment System (NES)...which was light and dark grey in the West, dark maroon in Japan, was released in the early 1980s and apparently gave  the American gaming industry a much needed shot in the arm . In each territory it was marketed, in a snap it became the no. one gaming console, mainly because of its "killer apps" - Super Mario Bros, Donkey Kong, Kung Fu and more.

A clear-cased original Gameboy from Console Passion
In the UK, there's Console Passion (nice name), an online retro games store which has a constant flow of stock coming in and out.

According to the site complete systems are becoming increasingly rare - grab'em while you can.

Console Passion also has a Japanese Video Game Imports section for collectors.

 The Collectors Market
 Collecting vintage consoles can be lucrative as well as fun. Retro Gaming Collector is a resource for buyers and sellers and includes a rough price guide, in British pounds.


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