Cool Headphones

Uprock headphones with 40mm drivers. $49.95 from Scull Candy
Owing to pecuniary embarrassment I haven't been shopping for a while but all of a sudden I'm noticing those clunky (by today's standards) big old headphones in the stores and in several colours, blue, black, white., green and I've gotta say I felt drawn to them. They have a certain nostalgic appeal, which I suppose is the raison d'ĂȘtre for their reappearance.

Scull Candy's Hesh Red head phones look perfect for interior raves or impromptu boxing, with padding all the way around and in these colours you're unlikely to be be hit by a car while walking the dog at dusk, though I'm not sure how they'd look on anyone over fifteen. The less garish green Uprocks look tempting though.Price  - $79.95.
Hesh Red Scull Candy

iHome  SD63's
So it does seem the padded, head hugging headphones are making a definite comeback and just to confirm it, in a reissue of an old style, iHome has brought out their SD63 Retro-Style Hi-Fi Stereoheadphones and as Brian Heater,  the reviewer for engadget, so evocatively put it, the retro style  has "design elements that harken back to a simpler time of beanbag chairs, black lights, and physical media". Ah yes. Price -$50.00

The big ol' phones have some advantages...less intrusive into the ear, more area for style elements,  better sound?, maybe over the ear is less damaging than in the ear. Disadvantages...hard to put in your pocket, possibility of looking like a slave to fashion.