Isn't it Iconic?

The Skipping Girl cushion, from the Make Me Iconic website.
Don't Ya Think?
The Melbourne couple behind Make Me Iconic are on to something. They've cleverly taken some of Melbourne's most sentimentally loved, iconic symbols and wrapped them up in an irresistible blend of cool design and utilitarian function. Take for example, the Skipping Girl cushion above, which features an  image of one of the most recognizable landmarks in the city, complete with a silhouette of the Melbourne skyline and transposed it onto a cushion. Whaat? How come no-one thought of this before? Now we can all possess a little piece of Melbourne history and throw her on the couch.

A Melbourne tram in toy form. From Make Me Iconic
Equally lovable is the wooden  toy Melbourne green and yellow tram with 12 little wooden passengers and two tram conductors.

The old W class "green rattlers" as they are sometimes affectionately called, are indeed an icon that every Melbournian is familiar with and I'm guessing, one that many urbanites would probably love to buy for their preschoolers, if only for sentimental reasons.

According to the spiel on their website, the idea for turning Melbourne iconic into sellable items came as the result of a return to Melbourne after ten years living in Europe and the realisation that apart from koala teaspoons and fridge magnets of St Pauls Cathedral, there weren't really very many appealing Melbourne-centric souvenirs that focused on the soul of the city, they set about finding and hiring some young local designers to create them;  "we knew we weren’t the only ones that love this city and guessed that we weren’t the only ones that wanted to take a part of it home". ~ From the Make Me Iconic website.