60s Chain Belts

60s chain belt.  Buy from decotodiscovillage
Chain belts were very popular in the late 60s/early 70s and appeared in a variety of link styles and sizes but the most popular were large rings linked together by smaller ones.

The belts came in silver, gold and brightly coloured plastics - often in red, green, orange, black and white.

Silver Toned Interlocking G Link Belly Chain Belt
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It was a pretty funky look that departed from the idea of a belt pulling in your waistline, as they were worn low, along the hip line and gave the wearer  an ultra- casual look.

Decotadiscovintage at etsy has some groovy original 60s chain belts such as the green one above and the black, mixed circle and rectangle design below.

60s chain belt. Buy from Decotodiscovintage
Bay Studio Stud Twist Chain Belt SILVER TONE Lg/X-Lg
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