Easy Pancake Recipe

Cheap and Easy
Why buy pre-made pancake mixes in a bottle from the supermarket shelves when it's just so, so easy to throw 3 fresh ingredients together and make your own? This very basic pancake mixture is possibly the easiest recipe in the world.

Pancakes make for  a very cheap dessert when mixed with fruit or jam and ice-cream  or cream and can be used with savoury toppings too.

One cup of flour
One egg
One cup of milk

Make a well in the centre of the flour and break the egg into it, stirring in as much flour as the egg will handle. Add half the milk in small amounts, stirring as you go until all the flour is absorbed. Keep beating with your spoon until bubbles rise then add the remainder of the milk gradually.

Let the mixture stand for a half hour or so, then drop a small wad of butter into a hot frying pan and pour in  some of the batter (not too much). Jiggle the pan around so the mixture spreads and when it's brown on top turn with a knife or metal egg flip and quickly do the other side. That's it! Easy -peasy.