1950s Cat Eye Glasses

Amazon cat eyes
Few things screech middle century as loudly as those out there cat eye glasses that were so evocative of the 1950s in particular. Subtle they weren't. Rather, they were an eccentric style, designed for women, to lift the face and create interest - perhaps even the illusion of feline grace and slinkiness. In the 40s, glasses had had a more rounded shape but it seems the 50s penchant for extreme, fin-like accents extended to more than just cars.

Style reflections
Vintage Edna Everage. Source
Many had ornamentation around the flared upper corners of the frame, which could be either stylishly understated or garishly attention seeking. Much depended on who wore them - eg; while they looked super sexy on Marilyn Monroe they looked distinctly school marmish on Edna Everage.

Interestingly, when the cat eye style went out of vogue by the end of 60s, in the 70s and 80s there was a deliberate  backlash against them, as spectacle styles changed shape entirely and got extra big and bug-eyed. However, more recently the distance of age has given them a retro cachet and there's been something of a cat eye revival. Well they are fabulous.

1958 cats eye green glasses. Source