Setting Lotion

Old fashioned rubber hair rollers have gone seriously out of vogue but years ago they were a standard items in most women's box of tricks. Many women would get their hair permed periodically and do a 'wash and set' once a week at home. The set involved dipping a comb into a gluggy pot of goo called setting lotion, which helped to hold the curls in place until the next wash.

Vintage wave curlers. Still available from Accessories of Old
Organic setting lotion
The ingredients of these old jelly-like setting lotions is a mystery to me, though while attempting to research the answer, I've come across some unconfirmed claims that they contained anything from glycerin and gelatin to borax and beeswax. While there are plenty of modern setting lotions on the market you can also make your own lightweight liquid varieties from everyday ingredients. I'm told they add shine as well as keeping curls in place for longer.

Citrus Setting Lotion
A large lemon 
2 cups of water
Spritz/spray bottle (for easy application) 
Optional drop of scented oil or perfume.

Quarter the lemon and squeeze the juice into a saucepan. Throw in the lemon skins and add the water. Bring to the boil and simmer for a few minutes. Remove from heat and when cool, strain and pour into the spray bottle ready for use.

Wine Setting Lotion 
A quarter of a cup of white wine 
Half of a cup water
Half a teaspoon of borax
Optional drop of scented oil or perfume
Spritz/spray bottle

Simply mix all together and pour into a spray bottle.

Honey Setting Lotion
One teaspoon of honey
Half a cup of hot water
One tablespoon of squeezed (and strained) lemon juice
Optional drop of scented oil or perfume

Dissolve honey in the hot water, add lemon juice, cool and pour into spray bottle.