An Old-fashioned Game for Kids
Queenie is a very old, simple but fun ball game my Aunt taught me when I was a young child and it has proven to be a great favourite with every kid I've played it with as an adult, causing much laughter and excitement. Essentially, Queenie is a  a game of bluff and  good acting skills are a distinct advantage. It requies three or more players.

    One person is chosen as the 'front person', who must  stand with their back to the others, holding the ball, while the rest line up behind from several feet away.

    The front person thows the ball over his or her head, still with their back to the others. All the rest scramble for the ball and the first to grab it conceals it behind their back. Everyone lines up again - all with their hands behind their back, so the front person cannot tell who has the ball and everyone shouts:

    Queenie, Queenie...who's got the Ball? Is she big or is she small?

    This chant is the signal for the front person to turn around, who must then guess who has the ball. It's important for everyone to keep a straight face so as not to give anything away. If the front person guesses correctly they can keep their spot. Otherwise the person who had the ball gets a turn.