Alphabet Blocks

Old-fashioned alphabet blocks from Lindenwood
Although I must have been knee high to a grasshopper as an infant on the living-room floor, I can still faintly remember playing with wooden alphabet blocks as a very young child - particularly the texture and feel, which returns to me more as a sensation than a visual recall. Did this early positive experience foster a life-long love of letters and words? Oh probably not but I do think alphabet blocks are a good, constructive toy for toddlers.

The 28 piece set above is modelled after a turn-of-the-century design and features some very charming vintage pictures of animals, as well as embossed lettering and  maths/number symbols. Educational and beautiful. Such blocks are often the first hands-on educational toy a child receives and have been a mainstay for generations. So much so that in 2003, ABC blocks were inducted into US National Toy Hall of Fame. 

The Young Mad Scientist's set below is impressively detailed with some fascinating engraved images depicting 'mad science' concepts- this is art and just the thing for the budding Dr. Frankenstein. I'd like these myself but yes, they are for kids too.

Young Mad Scientist's Alphabet Blocks Available at xylocopa