Messenger Bags

Fossil Combat Men's Messenger bag

If you were a student in the 1970s, male or female, it was almost obligatory to wear a messenger bag, preferably with the strap draped diagonally across your shoulder. Only then we didn't call them 'messenger bags...we just called them 'shoulder bags'. Army surplus thick canvas bags were very popular and could be picked up for a few bucks at an army disposal store. Those who had a deeper reserve of funds to tap had nice leather ones with stylish stitching or maybe a pseudo school satchel with buckles. No-one had a handbag as such...that would have been considered very bourgeois.

Australian label OIOI baby bag

These days there's a huge range of messenger bags available, with enough room to slip a laptop into, which wasn't an issue back in the 70s, or to use as a baby bag, which was sometimes an issue.

OIOI is an Australian brand owned and created by Lisa Bennett who was inspired by the birth of her daughter, Isabella to create a range of non-mumsy baby bags, that can be reused when you're done with the nappies and bottles.

Ossington leather messenger bag
The orange and grey Token Lorimer vinyl messenger bag below would have gone down well in the 70s but it's actually perfect for the contemporary tech head, as it includes a padded laptop sleeve, a removable cell phone pouch and wait...with a quick action, it converts into a backpack. Very Unisex.

Token Lorimer convertable messenger bag

NB: These and a whole lot more are available at Endless...just type "Messenger Bags"into the search box.