Retro Microwave

How retro...vintage-style microwave from Nostalgia Electrics.
The slick, streamlined designs of 1950s products still have appeal for retro fans,  who, like me,  are suckers for a nostalgia burst. For that reason the Nostalgia Electrics vintage style microwave caught my eye. Of course, microwaves didn't exist in the 1950s but if they did they could well have looked like this - lots of chrome accents, a curved handle and a twirlable dial control. 

Needless to say, behind the charmingly old-fashioned facade, the microwave has all the whizz bang features of a modern piece of technology - 800 watts, 12 pre-programmed features, 0.9 cubic foot interior..blah de blah. I'd never heard of this US based company before but, glancing at their website, they seem to be specialising in nostalgic small appliances and products that are "developed to excite consumers and retailers alike". Well, I'm not sure how exciting a small electrical appliance can get but I love the oval window.