1950's Vintage Swimsuits

Sunshine yellow vintage swimsuit
Gotta love those figure-hugging swimsuits from the 1950's, with their sexy but subtle long cut. These emphasize the waistline rather than legs, as opposed to the modern, super high-cut versions.

They do leave something to the imagination, which can be sexier than the all- revealing skimpy swimsuit. Take a look at Marilyn Montroe in her 1950's luxurious snowy white  suit. If that's not sexy I'll eat my beachball.


1950's suits offered a lot more support than modern versions - they had an inbuilt bra and the fabric was thicker and stronger. Some even had zips up the centre back, to make it easier to get in and out of the corset-like togs.

Voluptuous in white
On the downside, they probably took longer to dry while lying on the beach after a swim and they would have been hard to roll up and stuff in your pocket.

Although there were two-pieces, these modestly covered the naval and the body-revealing bikini didn't become popular until the 60's and 70's.

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