The Snood

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A kind of half cap and half hairnet, the snood was a popular fashion accessory of the 1940s and could be worn casually for day wear or fancied up to pair with an evening dress.

Ugly name and in this writer's opinion at least, an ugly style. It seems some things just aren't destined to make a return appearance on the everturning wheel of fashion reycling and I'm hoping the snood might be one of them, though in truth, I have to admit some people do love them.

In any case, the snood was a very popular fashion item in the 1940s, not least because of the practical aspect.  When you consider the large numbers of women moving into traditionally male factory jobs, working with machinery, they were a convenient solution to keeping pesky female locks under wraps. Another saving grace of the snood was, what with such complicated, fiddly hairstyles as those of the 1940s, the snood was a great way to hide those bad hair days.

Still don't like it. Vintage crochet pattern from Etsy

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