Classic Wayfarers

How retro are these Rayban reproduction vintage Wayfarer sunglasses? It was Rayban who first came up with the Wayfarer design in 1952, which  at the time were considered quite revolutionary, as they departed from the traditional metal frames and introduced a whole new shape.

White Wayfarers from Iloveretro
Wayfarers proved to be big sellers in the 50s and 60s but dipped out in the 70s when new styles, such as Aviators and Mirrors came in. However in the 80s they made an impressive comeback, not least because of a cunning ad campaign launched by Rayban, which included strategic product placement here there and everwhere it was cool to put them. I'm wondering then, did Don Henley get a nice fat kickback for mentioning Wayfarers in his 1984 hit song, Boys of Summer? (right at the end if you're listening for it)

Retro Rayban Sunglasses