Return of the Apron

Wild looking Zebra monogram apron from Amazon

Now that 50's housewives are popular, in an ironic, playful sort of way,  the twee vintage apron has made a semi-comeback, so us modern women can play house when we feel like us...not because we have to but because we might want to.

Some women have even been know to wear the apron with nothing on that would have those 50's housewives reaching for the gin under the kitchen sink. Of course, aprons do serve a practical purpose - ie; keeping your clothes clean. They're especially good if you're working with flour, which can get mighty messy.
Pattern available from lulu's vintage

As a result of this resurgance of popularity, there is now a much wider variety of aprons to choose from - from the little french maid style, to the 1940's pinafore, to a full, frilly 50's extravaganza. 

Bear in mind too, that aprons are very easy to make (no collar, cuffs,  arm or leg holes and difficult bits to sew). For the full 50's housewife experience, make one yourself. Look around for some vintage fabric and you could whip an apron up in an afternoon. They make great presents too.

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Sexy leopard print apron from Amazon. Wear over a dress...or not.

Oh so adorable apron by D-Lox 57, who have taken the apron to a whole new level