Bermuda Shorts and Socks

Incredible as it may seem, in the 1960s and early 70s there was a craze for men to wear  suit pants in a shorts form, ie; cut off at the knee and teamed with long thickish, ribbed socks, cuffed at the top. Originally adapted from the British colonial military look (think Dr. Livingstone), the fashion began with businessmen living and working in steamy Bermuda, where long pants were just a tad too hot to wear and spread to other countries, albeit for a limited wasn't a lasting fashion. There's a fetching picture of period Bermuda shorts and socks in action at allposters

In summer, office workers, salesmen, real estate agents and other miscellaneous businessmen would trundle off to work in their respectable Bermuda suit shorts/socks combination and no-one would bat an eyelid. On weekends the jacket and tie could be abandoned and the shorts and Bermuda socks could be worn with a casual top. Somehow I just can't see that style happening today, though I believe they are still commonly worn in Bermuda...

Must have forgotten to put his socks on