Pedal Cars

Image from pedalcarplanet
When I was a child, I really wanted a pedal car but wasn't to be. Never mind, it would've only gone to my head.

Pedal cars have been around for almost as long as the real thing and in those early days they were handcrafted from metal or wood.

However they were relatively exclusive, expensive items and it wasn't until the 1950's, when mass production hit the scene and funds were more generalised, that they became widely popular and available in department stores

The 50's were the pedal car heydays and there were some real beauties produced - like the Austin J40 and the Kidellac. There were also Chevy's, Thunderbirds, Corvettes, Holdens and more. Many were extraordinarily detailed -the chain-driven pedal cars from this era had workable parts - lights and wipers, white-wall tyres, custom paint jobs hood ornaments, movable windshields and fancy chrome detailing. Schmick....

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