French Stripes

French toy sailor...Sino war uniform,
Coco Chanel's vintage nautical theme
Like the classic beret, French stripes are a wardrobe theme that never seems to go stale. Popularised by Coco Chanel in the early 20th century, they became a particularly hot item in the late 50s and sixties and have made frequent appearances ever since.

Sailor suits, with the traditional large piped  collar,  had been popular in the Edwardian era, especially for children -but not stripes.

Chanel took her inspiration from the French marinière - low ranked, deck-swabbing sailors who traditionally wore a long sleeved, blue and white striped boat neck top.

When it shifted from the deck to the catwalk, it's a look that became eternally chic. Whether it appears in tops, skirts, tees, leggings or something else, the French stripe is casually classy.

The full-blown classic French mariners look is a blue and white striped T- shirt, matched with a navy beret, navy skirt or pants and occasionally...a red scarf tied around the neck, if you want to be obvious.
Jean Seberg in classic French chic
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H.E. Homino Emerito striped T
French Connection Toulouse Striped T