Owl Rings

Jewel-eyed owl rings from Fashion Bliss
Retro brass owl ring from Treena Bean
Luck and Wisdom...
Traditionally in Western culture, owls are a symbol of wisdom as well as good luck -and don't we all need more of that?

Owl symbols date back to ancient Athens, during an inspiring age of wisdom.The owl appeared on coins and was  the Goddess Athena's (protectress of the city) own symbol.

Some archeologist's also claim the owl symbol dates back to the pre-Indo European Neolithic age, where the bird itself was worshipped as a Goddess.

Or Death and Destruction?
By contrast, the Maya and Aztecs considered the owl a symbol of death and destruction. Mictiantecuhtii, the Aztec God of death was often shown accompanied by owls. (wikipedia)

In Mexico there is an old saying "when the owl cries, the Indian dies". The owl then, has different meanings for different cultures but whatever the symbolism, it seems the owl has a powerful resonance in the human psyche and in recent times, the owl ring has returned as a popular accessory.

The ring above right, from Treena Bean, is nickel and lead free and made from recycled antique brass material.For a quirky owl, the one below is sterling silver and features an unusual setting
Midnight Owl ring from Eve's Addiction
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