Retro Ice Bag

Problem with puffy eyes...? Try a retro ice bag which will not only reduce puffiness but make you feel like a vintage Hollywood diva at the same time. Smaller than it looks, the Hollywood ice bag can be slipped into a handbag for portability. - also  good for for lumps, bumps, tiredness, headaches, cramps, bruises and various other ailments. May be used hot or cold, depending on what you wish to use it for.

What Causes Puffy Eyes? 
Apart from lack of sleep, eye puffiness may be caused by stress, crying, allergy, irritation or infection (which should be treated). Basically the puffiness is a result of excess fluid accumulating in the soft tissue that surrounds the eye. A cold compress can smooth down the area and help disperse the swelling.

It's worth noting, that in addition to common, relative harmless causes, there are some rare but serious conditions that may cause persistent puffiness, particularly if accompanied by facial swelling, so do check with a doctor if if you are unsure.