Retro Televisions

Musical Christmas TV.  From Mr. Nostalgia
Novelty TV
I never realised just how many kitsch retro TV products there are out there until I did a casual Amazon search of "retro TVs". True, it's not something I've given much thought to in the past...

Surely these gems will one day be sought-after collectors items? Take, for example, the battery operated "wood, resin and plastic" musical 1960s style TV in the picture at right, which apparently displays an enchanting array of illuminated rotating Christmas scenes, set to classic songs of the season. At $134.99 those scenes would need to be riveting watching, although when I think about it, there's a good chance they're  better than anything on real TV.

TV NeckLace
If that doesn't appeal, how about a retro TV necklace on an 18 inch sterling silver plated chain? This is something I could be tempted to wear...well, probably. I'm impressed by the 70s styling.

TV set Necklace by Sour Cherry

 Anyway, enough of that. Let's get to ...

Real Retro Televisions
Predicta Chalet

Predicta Meteor
If you're looking for real working retro reproduction televisions, take a look at Predicta TV - they have the most amazing looking collection of retro style sets I've ever seen.  I have no idea how they perform on function but for form, it's an A+.

Some of the TVs feature a striking styling that is very retro futuristic, yet they are apparently based on real designs from the mid 20th Century. Predicta was an iconic television made by the Philco company and according to Wikipedia is the one most people think of as  "the classic 1950s TV set", despite the fact that it proved  too radical a design for the domestic market, causing the company to fold in 1960. Of course now, original Philco Predictas are highly collectable.

It may be iconic in the US but I'm unfamiliar with the brand and the 'detached picture tube' style, so for me, it's something of a revelation. Modern Predictas, with vintage styling but modern electronics,  are now made by a Wisconsin company called Telstar Electronics and the attention to detail in the reproductions is reflected in the higher price tag, which according to the FAQ section of the website, is comparable to the average high-end TV.

There are 8 eccentric designs, many with hand crafted timber cabinets and brass fittings -Pedestal, Meteor, Holiday, Princess, Debutante, Corona, Chalet and Danish Modern. Far out. Also mentioned on the website is the fact that some vistors to the site are so astounded by the TVS they wonder whether it might be a fake website. It's not.

Original 1958 Philco Predicta TV. Source