That 50s Look

Retro Style, paperback by Marion Haslam
The 1950s ushered in the first post-war Great Age of Consumerism. Mass production and modernism meant functional, streamlined products in new materials and innovative designs and there was a kind of optimism about science, technology and the leaping developments of the 20th Century. Everything was boom, boom, boom.

1950s Tulip Chair by Eero Saarinen.
These days there's a lot of interest and nostalgia around the mid-twentieth century period and why not? Some remarkably spiffy designs emerged from that particular era. A 50s inspired chair or table, or even an appliance,  blended into a modern home can capture an aspect of a very special period of design, which, if it's your cup of tea, can be aesthetically uplifting.

Retro Style
Former Habitat buyer Marion Haslam has put together a book that looks at the design elements of the 1950s - anything from toasters to furniture - from a contemporary perspective. Haslam includes some workable projects in Retro Style , some of which seem to have had mixed reviews from customers. Most agree however, that the author provides an interesting text and some inspirational ideas for the 50s enthusiast. The book is now a few years old and out of stock at some online bookstores  but I guess when you're talking about the 50s, it's not like it'll be 'dated'.
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