Retro Clocks

Retro star clock from Chaney

Tic Toc
Light-up GMC truck clock by Collectable Sign and Clock
As seconds turn into minutes, minutes into hours, hours into years, years into decades...well, you get the picture.

Time has a way of slipping away from us - styles change, even in timepieces, as metal replaced wood and stone, bakelite replaced metal, plastic replaced bakelite - mechanical replaced the sundial, digital replaced analogue and so on.

Yet many people still prefer the friendly face of an analogue clock...for one thing the moving hands crawling across divided spaces gives us a tangible view of the passage of time. For another, there is more opportunity for stylistic elements.

Eames era 50s starburst clock from Knoll Nelson

Starburst clocks, suggestive of sun dials were very popular in the Art Deco period and again in the 1950s and came in space age metals or bright colours to compliment the modern ranch house kitchens of the era. Also very popular were plain, round clocks faces in light green or black frames.

Classic kitchen wall clock from Infinity Instruments

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Gas Pump wall clock by Atlantic

Novelty Clocks

The only reason for time is so everything doesn't happen at once~ Albert Einstein

Retro charm can be captured in  novelty clocks  - find an iconic  piece of popular culture in  a clock designed as mid century gas pump or a 1930s  style black Kit-Kat  clock. 

 Or check out the  The Atomic Wall Clock 

Kit-Kat wall clock by the California Clock Company

Red Rivet alarm clock by 3B Scientific
 Robot Clocks

Everything happens to everybody sooner or later if there is time enough.  ~ George Bernard Shaw

Nothing says mid-twentieth century more than a retro robot. The first toy robot, Liliput was created  in the 1930s/40s by a Japanese toy company called KT but it wasn't until the  1950s that robot toys were reproduced in the thousands, becoming, in the process, an emblem of the atomic age.

These very cool robot clocks combine function and nostalgia into one desirable object for retro fans.

Tokyo Bay robot alarm clock
 Robot Alarm ClockTokyoBay TOKYO BAY TANK ROBOT ALARM CLOCK - REDRIVET Robot Alarm Clock from TOKYObay, BlackFossil Unisex Watch Big Tic Animation 15cm Robot Table Clock BG10003B Scientific U49274S Silver Tank Robot Alarm Clock, 4" HeightAllen Designs Roboto Robot Pendulum Wall ClockTokyo Bay Helmet Head Robot Clock RedNovelty Mini Robot Clock KEYCHAIN: TOKIBOT;Tiny Tank Blue